Montag, 27. September 2010

Mutter Teresa: God has lots of money; und Prinzessin Diana: that poor girl

Benedict Groeschel erzählt, wie Mutter Theresa die Franziskaner der Erneuerung in der Gründungsphase ermutigte:
I went to visit Mother Teresa, who was then staying at the convent. She was most encouraging, although this was the first she had heard of our plans. when I told her that we had $800 and eight men, she said, "Don´t worry. God has lots of money". Although we now spend almost  $2 Million a year on our work with the poor, we have never run out of funds needed to do this work.
A Drama of Reform, Benedict Groeschel and the Franciscans of the Renewal, Ignatius 2005, S.30

Sehr rührend auch in Mystery of the Trinity, einer EWTN Serie mit Groeschel, ich glaube es war Segment 8:
Mutter Teresa war wieder bei ihren Schwestern in New York, da kam Prinzessin Diana. Father Groeschel hat sie gefragt, wie die Prinzessin war, "and she only said three words: That- Poor- Girl"

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