Mittwoch, 13. Juli 2011

St. James Infirmary - Dave van Ronk, lyriks and Chords

Meinereins weis ja, warum er ein Dave van Ronk fan ist. Allein finde ich, dass er in alten Tagen ein klein bisschen zu aggresiv gesungen hat, trotzdem genial. Hab auch mal die Lyriks abgeschrieben, weil sie doch sehr anders sind als in den meisten Versionen, Akkorde geb ich auch dazu, (aus: Folk und Blues Fingerstyle Guitare taught by dave van ronk- da ist es in noten und tabs ganz genau drinnen mit CD's wo er alles ausführlichst erklärt.).
Als Vergleich eine ganz alte Version von Dave van Ronk ohne schreien:

Dave van Ronk- St. James Infirmary, Lyriks and Chords

am                      E7                 am     E
it was down in old joes barroom
am      dm (xx0565)    E7
on the corner by the square
am        E7    am(eigentlichC)  D7(x54530)
they were serving drinks as usual
F7           E7      am          E
the usual crowd was there

on my left stood big joe mcKennedy
his eyes bloodshot red
turned to the crowd around him
these are the very words he said

i went down to that st. james infirmary
saw my baby there
stretched out on a long white table
so sweet so cold so fair

let her go, let her go, god bless her
where ever she may be
she may search this wide world over
never find a sweet man like me

when i die please burry me
in my high top statson hat
put a 20 dollar gold piece on my watch chain
god will know i died standing pat

i want six  crap shooters for pole bearer
chorus gonna sing me a song
put a jazz band on my hurse wagon
raise hell as i stroll along

roll out a rubber, tired, rubber tired carriage
roll out your old time hat
theres 12 man going to the graveyard
and 11 coming back

let her go, let her go god bless.
where ever she may be
she may search this wide over
never find a sweet man like me

now that i told my story
i gonna take another shot of booz
and if anybody should happen to ask,
i`ve got that gamblers blues

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